Box Buddies Bitsabots paper toy robots

Bitsabots robot paper toy cards

Bitsabots are tiny droids that love to explore the world, but first, they need you to build them so they can set off on their next adventure…

Bitsabots are collectible robot paper toy cards. The colourful cards build into paper toys which are sturdy enough to be used for imaginative play.

Each Bitsabots pack contains a surprise selection of 12 cards. There are 72 cute and colourful Bitsabots robots to collect. 

Each robot is formed from just one piece, all of which are ready cut and scored, so no cutting or sticking is needed to make them.

Display your Bitsabots collection with Bitsalinks

Box Buddies Bitsabots Bitsalinks

Build and display your collection with the unique Bitsalinks that are included on each card.

Each card features one of our unique Bitsalinks. These connect to the constructed robot characters so you can display them as a unique decoration.

The starter link, included on the outer pack, just needs sticking or pinning to a flat surface, then each character, on its Bitsalink, can be added to build a colourful chain of paper robots.

Bitsabots gallery

Meet the Bitsabots: 72 to collect

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