About Box Buddies

Hello, I’m Jon, the creator of Box Buddies. I’m a graphic designer but have also been designing and making paper toys since I was a child.

I started working on paper toys again after seeing my children collecting standard stickers and trading cards and wondering if there was an opportunity to create a collectible card that offered more play value.

Back in 2013, I launched my first commercial paper toy – OiDroids robots. They were first released in ‘Box of Awesome’ and were available in WHSmith and toy shops across the UK. There were rare foil cards, a super cool Augmented Reality app, and OiDroids won the ‘License This ‘competition when I presented it at Brand Licensing Europe in 2015.

I then added my first Box Buddies set – a super-simple collection of box monsters originally dreamt up as a more sustainable alternative to throwaway plastic party bag fillers. I’ve updated the design and added new sets, so there are now three collections of themed mini box paper toys: Boxibos Monsters, Galactics and Pets. 

I liked the idea of adding a simple game to my collectible paper toys and came up with Monyamo – a collection of 90 3D monster cards to build and play in the battle of Monyamo.

I still love robots, so I recently created Bitsabots – a collection of 72 tiny papercraft robot cards to make, collect and display using the unique Bitsalinks included on each card. They’re much closer to my original idea of a pop-out and build trading card than anything I’ve designed so far.

All Box Buddies sets are designed to be easy to make – with each character being made from one piece only – so no cutting or sticking is needed.

There’s something really pleasurable about making paper toys, and I hope Box Buddies toys introduce that to others.

All Box Buddies sets are sustainably designed and printed in the UK. Everything is plastic-free, 100% recyclable and printed with eco inks. 

Any questions? Please get in touch here

OiDroids 4 pack
OiDroids robot paper toys
The original Box Buddies Monsters set
The first Box Buddies set
Box Buddies new Bitsabots robots