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OiDroids pop-out and build robots

Before Box Buddies, there was OiDroids pop-out and build robots…

OiDroids were pop-out and build collectible robot characters, each printed on a postcard-sized card. They were simple to make, with a unique, patented design, and were created from a wish to offer more play value and fun than typical collectable cards and stickers. 

Here’s a little history, for anyone who remembers them or wants to find out more!

OiDroids pop-out and build robots Series 1 group

OiDroids Series 1 was launched in ‘Box of Awesome‘ back in 2013, with a Special First Edition foil pack, featuring 64 unique pop-out and build robot characters.

An additional 32 characters were added for OiDroids’ launch, through distributor Marbel, into WHSmith and independent toy stores. There was an animated advert to support the launch.

Added to the original OiDroids four card pack, there was a 12 pack and a Party Pack, featuring 10 OiDroids party sets.

Each character came on a die-cut postcard sized card and was formed from just one piece with no cutting or sticking needed.

OiDroids Series 1 cards and characters
OiDroids pop-out and build robots - final 15 pack

The characters and packs were developed throughout the time OiDroids was on sale. This was the final version of the OiDroids Series 1 packs.

The packs were complimented by an OiDroids app which brought Cypops to life in augmented reality. It was a simple demo with the intent to add additional games and grow the app, had there been the budget to do so!

The OiDroids Nuts ‘n’ Bolts Crew Sets 1 and 2 were added to sit alongside the refreshed Original Series 1 pack.

OiDroids won the LicenseThis! competition when Jon presented it at Brand Licensing Europe in 2015.

An exclusive ‘OiDroids for Land Rover‘ set was designed, featuring characters based on Land Rover vehicles.

Similar products from Box Buddies

OiDroids are no longer available, but Bitsabots were designed to be closer to the original concept of a collectable robot card that can be built into a toy.

Monyamo cards are simple and fun to build collectable paper toy cards. Each card builds into a 3D monster which can be played in the game of Monyamo.

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OiDroids video gallery