The time of Monyamo is upon us

Monyamo monster paper toy cards

Box Buddies Monyamo Paper Toy Monsters are cards that build into 3D characters that can be played in the game of Monyamo.

The cards are ready cut and scored so no cutting or sticking is needed to build your own army of monsters!

The game of Monyamo is very simple to learn and play. Each pack contains instructions for both the game and the construction of the monster paper toys.

Build your 3D Monster Cards and play your characters in the game of Monyamo – a battle to win the most Scales and declare your Monster the mightiest. 

Each card builds into a 3D Monster which can be played in the game of Monyamo. Every pack contains a surprise selection of 12 monsters. There are 90 to collect.

Monyamo character group

All the characters are ready cut and scored in their cards so no cutting or sticking is needed.

Monyamo gallery

The Scales of Power

Monyamo is the ancient quest to become the most powerful Monster by winning and adding four Scales of Power, the true test of the mightiest of Monsters. 

Only the mightiest Monsters have four Scales on their back and these can only be won in the noble battle of Monyamo.

Awaken your Monster by building it from its Card of Slumber. Ruffle the follicles on its back and place it into the ancient arena in readiness to prove its worth and receive the mighty Scales of Power.

Meet the Monyamo monsters: 90 to collect