Box Buddies Monyamo


Monyamo Cards Pack of 12

  • One pack of Box Buddies Monyamo crammed with 12 colourful papercraft cards to build and collect. Each card contains a 3D paper toy monster to pop out and make
  • The cards are simple and fun to build into a papercraft monster toy with no need for cutting or sticking. Flat cards measure 135 x 148mm and the constructed monster characters stand around 50-65mm tall
  • Play the easy-to-learn game of Monyamo and win the most Scales to declare your monster the mightiest. The pack contains instructions as well as a papercraft Scale storage chest to make
  • There are 90 roarsome, weird and wonderful Monyamo papertoy monsters to make and collect with a surprise selection of 12 in each pack. Much more fun than traditional trading cards and stickers
  • Monyamo cards are perfect as pocket money toys, unique plastic-free party bag fillers, Halloween gifts, prizes, rewards and stocking fillers for children (and big kids) who love collectibles

Box Buddies Monyamo collectible monster paper toys. Each Monyamo card builds into a colourful monster paper toy which can be played in the game of Monyamo. Every pack contains a selection of 12 collectible monsters from a total of 90 different designs.

The game of Monyamo is the Quest for the Scales of Power. Only the mightiest Monsters have four Scales on their back and these can only be won in the game of Monyamo – so awaken your Monster by building it from its Card of Slumber, push the Scales of Power from the card and prepare for battle.

Each round of Monyamo is a race to be the first Monster to gather four Scales of Power. At the end of the game the winner is the player with the biggest army of winning Monsters.

Monyamo is a noble battle for two or more players. The packaging includes game instructions and a Scale Storage Chest to construct.

There are 90 wild, but cute, Monyamo Monsters to collect. The colourful cards build into paper toys which are sturdy enough to be used for imaginative play.

All the characters are ready cut and creased in their cards and no sticking is needed. The flat cards measure 135 x 148mm and the finished characters stand around 50-65mm tall depending on the character.

Monyamo cards are perfect as gifts, rewards, prizes, party bag and stocking fillers.

Like all Box Buddies products, Monyamo packs and cards are sustainable, biodegradable, 100% recyclable and are printed with eco inks.

Weight 125 g